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Adest Architecture to Design Landmark Headquarters for a renown local professional association in Bucharest

Published on 20.04.2023

Adest Architecture has been selected to design a new central headquarters for a renown local professional association in Bucharest. Spanning 9,500 above-ground gross square meters, this remarkable building will embody sustainability and energy efficiency, serving as a prominent landmark in the heart of the capital.


With a focus on architectural excellence, the headquarters will feature not only conference rooms and classrooms but also a coffee shop and a 400-seat amphitheater. Adest Architecture's innovative approach will ensure the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly materials.


As construction commences, the excitement builds for the unveiling of this visionary architectural marvel that will shape the legal landscape of Romania.


Stay tuned for updates as Adest Architecture brings this visionary design to life! We have attached early concept images, currently under development.


Note: The attached images are for illustrative purposes only and represent early concepts that are subject to change during the design process.


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