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America House is a prestigious office building situated in the central area of Bucharest, being occupied at that time by offices on the upper floors, and by commercial areas on the ground floor. The two access lobbies leading to upper floors (one for the West Wing and one for the East Wing) are similar to each other, but with some minor particularities.

Adest proposal provides a new location for the main access, by means of glass revolving doors centred to the lift lobby, with separate emergency exit doors to the side.

The lobby space is organised with the reception desk to the right and the waiting area furniture arrangement to the left of the entrance doors, well defined and underlined by both ceiling and floor designs.

The waiting area is underlined by a green vegetation wall disclosed through a decorative screen curving down from the ceiling, while the lift lobby design brings emphasis on a backlit onyx clad wall.

We selected state-of-the-art finishes with light reflective walls, in a clever mix of textures including some exquisite natural materials. The ultimate effect will be distinctive and remarkable, emphasizing once again the significance of this prominent building in its urban context



Type Interior Architecture & Design
Function Office Building
Scale 300 sqm
Status Concept
Location Bucharest, 1st District
Year 2010