BANEASA SHOPPING CITY Bucharest, 1st District

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Băneasa Shopping City is an original retail concept that combines the newest and the most luxurious trends of a Fashion Mall with the most tempting ways of leisure (such as a Family Entertainment Center, opened during the second phase of the project).

From an aesthetic and volumetric point of view, the building functions as a “black box” which concentrates its activity within the interior. The only areas that open towards the exterior are the two extremities, treated as two atriums or welcoming interfaces for clients.

Moreover, the pedestrian accesses are designed in a spectacular way, with metallic structures for glass mounting.

The originality of this shopping center is mainly created by the unique concept produced by Adest Architecture, together with Chapman Taylor, from the point of view regarding the space which was particularly designed for the quality and the variety of the new fashion brands.


Type Architecture
Partners Adest Architecture, Chapman Taylor & 4105 EU
Function Shopping Center, Retail, PUZ / PUD, Parking, Mixed-Use
Scale 105 000 sqm
Status Completed
Location Bucharest, 1st District
Budget >100 mil. €
Client Baneasa Developments
Year 2008