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The project for the new sports arena in Constanța is comprised of 2 stages: the concept and the feasibility study.

The new building is going to be displayed on 3 levels: a lower floor (demi-basement), a ground floor and a first floor, summing up a total gross area of 18 500 sqm.

The sports arena will accommodate 5 000 people, but during conferences or other temporary activities it could fit around 7 000 people. The bleachers will be displayed vertically, on 2  levels, surrounding the lower level.

In addition to that, the exterior shape of the arena was design taking into consideration the air currents.







Disclaimer: We do not take credit for any other further activities regarding this project.

Type Architecture
Function Sports, Cultural, Civic+Government
Scale 18 500 sqm
Status Completed
Location Constanța, Romania
Client UAT Constanța, CNI S.A.
Year 2015