DUDESTI TRINITY CHURCH 3rd District, Bucharest

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In a context of 20th Centrury modern architecture, only a very specific type of project could find its place at the junction of both actuality and tradition.

The idea for the church project has been embodied by softening both the program and the building envelope in a wavy but sober shape.

The Burebista - Dudești Trinity Church is designed with great respect and consideration for the Orthodox faith.

Therefore, modern & sober lines defining the simplicity and minimalism of the outer shell compensate the richly decorated interior.

The whole interior display allows people viewing through layers of light and religious music.

Type Architecture
Function Cultural
Scale 620 sqm
Status Completed
Location 3rd District, Bucharest
Budget 0.6 mil EUR
Client Romanian Patriarchate
Year 2005 - 2006