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The IMOD SA building, displayed on 3 above the ground levels and an attic built in Louis XVI style, used to be a very well-known fashion house in the past.

Adest Architecture has proposed a complete reconstruction (a structural reinforcement and extension) while keeping and reviving the valuable elements and replacing the non-valuable elements with new ones that are characteristic of the contemporary style.

The transformation is supposed to be achieved on all of the levels on which the space will accommodate a variety of luxurious fashion brands. The third floor will feature a new metallic structure, while the attic (rebuilt on a metallic structure as well) will accommodate a restaurant.

The façades will preserve all the existing decorative elements, while the missing ones will be remodeled after photographic proof.

A wide range of modern materials will be used in order to achieve the original shape of the building. The transformation into a new luxury multi-story retail building may give it the benefit of a major architectural landmark within the city centre.


Type Architecture
Function Retail, Heritage
Scale 3 000 sqm
Status Concept
Location Bucharest, 1st District
Year 2009