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"Intrarea Valului" Zonal Urban Project, 1A Țărmului Street


The land with an area of approximately 15 300 sqm is located in the Northern part of Bucharest, in the 1st District. The plot is situated between the Floreasca Lake, Țărmului Entrance (Intrarea Țărmului), and Navigatorilor Street.

Based on the General Urban Plan (P.U.G.) of  the city of Bucharest, this area that has generated the Zonal Urban Plan (P.U.Z.) falls within the V3a and V4 sub-areas. Therefore, the main purpose of this project is to convert the leisure function of the area defined by the V3a sub-area  into a residential one with some partial leisure and sports functions, and the V4 sub-area into a leisure and sports area.

Following the approval of this Z.U.P., the new urban index consists of the following: for the 1st Reference Territorial Division (U.T.R. 1), the Land Occupancy Percentage (P.O.T.) = 50%, the Land Use Coefficient (C.U.T.) = 2 and the Maximum Height (Hmax) = 13m; for the 2nd Reference Territorial Division (U.T.R. 2), the Land Occupancy Percentage (P.O.T.) = 30%, the Land Use Coefficient (C.U.T.) = 0.8 and the Maximum Height (Hmax) = 10m; for the 3rd Reference Territorial Division (U.T.R. 3), the Land Occupancy Percentage (P.O.T.) = 30%, the Land Use Coefficient (C.U.T.) = 0.9 and the Maximum Height (Hmax) = 10m.

Moreover, on the safety strip measuring 50m from the Floreasca Lake, leisure and sports facilities are allowed.

Type Urban Planning & Landscape
Partners Alpha Efect SRL
Function PUZ / PUD, Housing
Scale 38 600 sqm
Status Completed
Location Bucharest, 1st District
Year 2004 - 2005