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Located in the North of Bucharest, the project accommodates a series of standard flats that offer an outstanding point of view towards Lake Floreasca.

The building was designed in order to house 30-40 people, with 2 apartments per level. The main aim of this project was to ensure areas as large as possible for the communal area of each apartment.

The 200 sqm for each of them has been designed to provide flexibility and different degrees of enclosure in this area.

The  body of the building is a result of a rectangular shape and a trapezoidal shape combined while each of them corresponds to an apartment.

The horizontal touch lines, the retreat of the last floors and the horizontal dominant of the glass surfaces keep the building to a human scale, in respect for the local neighborhood.

Type Architecture
Function Residential, PUZ / PUD, Parking, Housing
Scale 2 800 sqm
Location Bucharest, 1st District
Client Confidential
Year 2006