ROMANIAN PAVILION - MILAN EXPO 2015 Milan Expo, Milan, Italy

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The Romanian Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 revolved around the coexistence of modern technology and urban lifestyle connected to the nature around it.

One of the main influences consisted in Prince Charles’s view on the life, traditions and biodiversity regarding the Transylvania region, where His Royal Highness has been actively involved in a number of projects. The pavilion tried to accurately represent Romania’s position regarding its future in the European Bio-Agricultural context while promoting moderation, modesty and balance – perennial factors for the traditional Romanian architecture, and embodying the relationship between nature, tradition, and contemporary technological lifestyle.

Its structure consists of two main layers: the ground floor, with its media-partition walls, some of which are rotary, granting greater flexibility for the entire space, and the first floor, housing the restaurant, showcasing the contrast between the tradition wooden floor, wooden beams, reed roofing and and contemporary media displays, glass furnishings and stainless steel cables. The merger between these elements emphasized the connection between nature, tradition, technology and harmony, while also making these contrasting elements easily distinguishable. Therefore, the project consists of the ground floor – stacked with technology, and the first floor (the restaurant) – representing a modern interpretation of the traditional Romanian dwelling and yard.


Type Architecture, Interior Architecture & Design
Partners Artline SRL
Function Restaurant, Mixed-Use, Cultural
Scale 1 300 sqm
Status Completed
Location Milan Expo, Milan, Italy
Client MAE - The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Year 2015