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The low-rise project will be located in the center of Slobozia, right across from Orașelul Copiilor Park. 

The main purpose of this architectural ensemble is to increase the quality of living in the area by providing a mixed-use urban context in which there can be found restaurants, cafés, retali and commercial areas, as well as interconnected residential units. 

The clients’s aim was to gather and reunite the community in a public space based on the needs of the whole town. 

The educational, cultural, recreational, and social impact depends on various activities for each age category. 

The accessibility depends on generous pedestrian areas and on very well thought-through pathways, trails and tracks, designed according to the concept of alterantive mobility.

Type Urban Planning & Landscape
Function Retail, Masterplanning, Cultural
Scale > 40 000 sqm
Status Ongoing
Location Slobozia, Ialomița County
Client Confidential
Year 2020 -