STEFANESTI IN FOREST Z.U.P. Stefanestii-de-Jos, Ilfov County

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The project brings forward a luxurious residential compound for both middle and upper classe, situated at the border of the first urbanized circle near Bucharest.
The masterplan incorporates the idea of a small-scale neighborhoods into a large-scale residential development.
Each neighborhood was provided with green areas as part of a major open space and pedestrian trail. The requirements for a church, sport and pool facilities enhanced the opportunity to therefore create a community focal point.
The overall organization of the plan creates a series of perimetrical-arrayed so called neighborhoods connected to a central open space, with each pocket-neighborhood limited to an average of 60 to 100 houses with green areas and providing the ambiance of a small community.









Zonal Urban Project for 450 individual housing developments

Type Architecture, Urban Planning & Landscape
Function Transportation, Residential, PUZ / PUD, Parking, Mixed-Use, Masterplanning, Housing
Scale 450 000 sqm
Status Completed
Location Stefanestii-de-Jos, Ilfov County
Year 2007 - 2008