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Adest Architecture, a leading architecture practice in Romania, has been involved with architecture projects of immense scale and increasing diversity of function for over two decades. The firm’s works are among the largest of their type, including Bucharest Business Park offices, Baneasa Shopping City Mall Phase 2, Evocasa Selecta and Armonia, and many other local landmarks. The firm approaches each project as the continuation of an ongoing exploration in shaping the everyday life by inhabiting a space.

Urban Planning

Adest Architecture, one of Romania’s leading architecture practices, has been involved with urban projects of important scale and expanding function diversity for over two decades. The firm’s works are among the largest of their type, including Urban Zonning Planning (Z.U.P. & D.U.P.) for Bucharest Business Park, Inox Campus Park, Verdi One Tower, Oradea University Campus, and many other masterplans  The firm approaches each project as the prolongation of an ongoing exploration in shaping the private - public domain.

Interior Design & Spatial Planning

Adest Architecture offers interior design, space planning, and branding strategy services. The firm is led by qualified architects and has been commissioned for projects including The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Baneasa Shopping City, and different office space plannings.

Engineering & Building Services Design Coordination

Adest Architecture provides the coordination of the civil and structural engineering, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering provided by experienced subcontracting partnering offices, as well as fire safety services. Adest Architecture performs as an interface among the different disciplines to ensure fully coordinated design solutions.

Landscape Consultancy

Adest Architecture as an interdisciplinary practice belives that architecture and landscape are inextricably linked. Offering full landscape and arboricultural consultancy services, Adest Architecture creates landscape designs that responds to a site’s natural genius loci.

Environmentally Sustainable Design

Adest Architecturea adopts a synergetic approach complemented by an integrated, iterative work process that is fundamental to green design. Adest’s team of architects together with its environmental engineers and building scientists plays the role of integrator among the different building disciplines to achieve high-performance, environmentally-friendly designs certified by LEED, HQE or BREAM, and reconginezed by RoGBC.

Due Diligence

Adest Architecture delivers the highest level of due diligence, striving to provide access to some of the best professionals that are able to identify any liability, risk, and weakness on time through extensive research.


Consulting for Real Estate Developments

Adest Architecture provides a team of professionals that have been directly involved in the successful completion of many projects across various asset classes such as masterplans, residential developments, office buildings, retail or hospitality for over two decades.